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Engage with a financial expert who brings a wealth of knowledge, actionable insights, and transformative strategies to your audience. Sankar Sharma is available for TV interviews, financial commentary, and expert analysis, ready to share his vision for a financially empowered world.

  • Market Predictions: Navigating Future Trends

  • Key Stock Moves: What Investors Need to Know

  • Interest Rates: Their Impact on Markets and Investing

  • Inflation Watch: Strategies for Protecting Your Investments

  • Deep Dive: Stock and Market Analysis for Today's Investor

  • Technical Analysis: Decoding What the Charts Reveal

  • Reading the Charts: Insights and Predictions for Upcoming Market Movements

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Sankar Sharma

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Sankar (Shankar) Sharma

About Me.


3R Trading Intensives

Speaking at IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts)

Stock Trading Made Simple

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Stock Trading Made Simple

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