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Sankar Sharma


  • Creator of  "3R Methodology"
  • Architect of "11 Proprietary Trading Systems"
  • Author of  "Stock Trading Made Simple"
  • Creator of "11 Indicator Studies, Power Strategies and Scans"
  • Published works in "Society of Technical Analysts"
  • Recently Lectured at "International Society of Technical Analysts (IFTA)"
  • Spoken at "Society of Technical Analysts UK"


" Sankar Has Such A Depth of Knowledge in Trading. He freely unravels the trading puzzle that many never do. He has high professional ethics. He shares so much information so that others can take up trading as a full time occupation. Thank you Sankar for all the valuable information you gave us"

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International Federation of Technical Analysts

Sankar Recently presented at IFTA

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Society of Technical Analysts Network

Sankar Recently presented at STA

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Book Publication



How To Trade on the Stock Market: The Beginner's guide

foreword By Jake Bernstein

author of 45 plus trading books

It is not only refreshing but also significant that a book such as this one contains a wealth of solid information on a plethora of trading tools. I wish I had had access to this book 50 years ago. It would have made all the difference in the world easily saving me 15 years of struggle.

A requested speaker All Over The World.

Sankar has spoken in front of and personally trained aspiring traders in online trainings and seminars. His straight-to-the-point teaching style has the unique ability to literally transform any novice to Ichimoku and Technical Analysis practitioner in 90 minutes or less and has made him a requested speaker not only in the UK, but all over the world.

Sankar has taught people from all walks of life around the world, his amazingly unique and proprietary Trading and Investing principles and strategies, as well as his unconventional, no-nonsense consultancy to high net worth individuals and Industry professionals.

Sankar is known for revealing his epiphanies, wildly successful, no BS strategies and proven trading models that are profitable, ethical and ignored by 99% of the trading world.

Event Speaking Topics

  • How To Win The Noisy Chaotic Markets
  • How to Trade while being stay-at- home mom or dad?
  • How to use the six-step hexagon framework to unlock Trading Treasures?
  • How to Fast Track Your Trading and Investing?
  • How to build your Trading skills and unlock the trading potential?

Conference Speaking Topics

  • Stock Trading
  • Sector Trading
  • Index Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Options Trading
  • Money Management
  • Managing Risk Reward and Return
  • Trade Management' Developing rock solid trading mind set

Summit Speaking Topics

  • Simplify Process Amplify Profits using Price Patterns
  • Crush it with Clouds
  • How To Crack the markets using Volume Profile & VWAP
  • Precision Trading and Quants

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Sankar Sharma

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Sankar (Shankar) Sharma

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3R Trading Intensives

Spoken at IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts)

Spoken at STA (Society of Technical Analysts)

Author of the book:

Stock Trading Made Simple

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"Sankar showed us brilliantly what this course is all about the results you can achieve. Everyone should consider this seriously and take on board"



"This workshop helped me as a beginner to understand all the fundamentals of Trading in great details. This is good workshop to consider. Definitely!"



"I found this workshop very informative, Each module was covered in great depth. Very interesting"

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