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I help people make their money work for them so that they can live a life with clarity and certainty while building generational wealth.

Ready to make your money dance, do all the chores and hard work for you?

Sankar knows exactly how to help you and transform your current and future life with his tried and tested risk balanced approach to money. You can make your money work by investing and trading.

Sankar is known for his inspirational and transformative force bringing change in many people's life and you could be next.

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  • Cutting-Edge Trading Strategies for Today's Market

  • Portfolio Optimization: Maximizing Returns, Minimizing Risk

  • Navigating Market Volatility with Advanced Trend Analysis

  • Essential Risk Management Strategies for Every Trader

  • Building Wealth: Proven Frameworks for Financial Growth

  • The 3R Methodology: Revolutionizing Trading and Investing

  • Expert Insights into Global Financial Markets

  • Mastering Technical Analysis: Charts, Patterns, Indicators

  • Forecasting Economic Trends: Implications for Traders and Investors

  • Leveraging AI for Smarter Trading and Investing Decisions

  • Developing a Winning Mindset for Trading Success

  • Capturing Consistent Big Moves with Streamlined Strategies

Sankar's Top Speaking Topics

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Mastering Technical Analysis

Tools, Trends, and Techniques for Market Success

Artifical Intelligence And The Future of Financial Markets:

Opportunities, Models, Risks, Issues and Ethics

Overcoming Overtrading:

Strategies For Discipline in Stock Trading

High-Frequency Trading (HFT):

Speed, Strategy, and Regulation

Navigating Global Events and Volatility in Your Trading

Strategy and Risk Management

Sustainable Investing:

Capturing Value in the Green Economy

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About Sankar

Featured Five Times In Forbes | Speaker | Mentor | Author

Sankar Sharma is a globally recognized investing authority and a Forbes-quoted expert, celebrated for revolutionizing the way we approach trading and investing. Known for his '3R Methodology', Sankar has been honored alongside financial legends for his contributions to the financial industry. His innovative strategies not only simplify complex market dynamics but also empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and prosperity. Forbes has hailed him as an "Investing Authority".

Sankar Sharma has been redefining the landscape of trading and investing, merging decades of market wisdom with cutting-edge, risk-balanced, time-tested strategies. His unique approach has elevated him as a pivotal figure in the financial world today. Sankar helps individuals and institutions master the market and make their money work for them.

With over 34 years of experience, Sankar is not just an authority but a mentor whose teachings have led numerous traders and investors to remarkable successes. As the author of "Stock Trading Made Simple," he distills his extensive knowledge into accessible insights, making sophisticated trading strategies attainable to all.

An acclaimed keynote speaker, Sankar Sharma has been sharing his insights and strategies with aspiring and experienced market participants alike in global platforms. His thought leadership has been featured across major media outlets like TIME, CNN, NBC, ABC, Nasdaq, and Business Insider, establishing him as a Prominent voice in the realm of finance.

By applying the principles of the '3R Methodology' and focusing on mindset, Al's role in investing, and simplifying trading strategies, Sankar has guided his followers towards achieving consistent, significant market gains. This holistic approach not only equips his audience with the knowledge to navigate the markets effectively but also to perceive their financial journey with greater clarity and confidence, thus embodying our ethos, "Unlock Your Wealth, Empower Your Future".

Hire Sankar for your next conference, summit, or corporate event, and provide your audience with transformative financial insights and strategies that promise to redefine their approach to investing and trading, steering them towards greater insights for success.

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